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TES4 Mod Translator

What is it?

TES4 Mod Translator is a tool I designed in order to make translation of Oblivion plugins from english to french easier. It is coded in C# and runs with .NET 2. I thought it could be of some use to the whole Oblivion community. It is based upon the fact that any item seems to have the same Editor ID regardless of the localized version you consider.

How does it work ?

Simply unzip the archive in any folder you want. First of all, you will need to generate what I call a "database", build from parsing the Oblivion.esm file. This database consists in multiple CSV files that can be read with any spreadsheet-like utility and is saved in the "data" folder. The database generation can take a long time (2:30 on my XP SP2, 1 Go RAM with a 3.4GHz processor). Then you can attempt to load a foreign done plugin. All items found in the database (those with exactly with the same id as in the editor, that means originals and modified items) are translated (a "V" tag can be seen in the first column), while all unknown items are left untranslated. It is then up to you to translate them (an "X" tag is in the first column). You can save all newly translated items (a "T" tag is in the first column) to your own database located in the "extra" folder.


If you want to help me improving this tool (this is my first C# program), just ask me and I will give you the project source (Visual C# 2005) download link. If you intend to localize this tool, just modify the Application-configuration.xml file, save it to a Application-configuration-<your language>.xml file, e.g. Application-configuration-de.xml for Germans, and send it to me so I can include your work in the next release.

Important - Read before downloading

I have been recently warned about a bug in database generation. I know this bug to come with last oblivion+SI patched version (patch 1.2.0416). No one report any bug to me with previous versions. Take care of the version you are running if you want to build a new database.

Download :

TES4 Mod Translator latest version 0.0.8


Many thanks for all the people from Wiwiland that support me.
Gamall for reading this page with care and correcting mistakes I left.
Gilles_k for creating the "camembérisateur" and the"hodoghizer" both TES3 Mod Translating tools. He is my inspiration.
Timeslip and his TESSnip tool for allowing me to use is Record.cs class.